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Sirius Satelite Radio: Connect Sirius Satelite Radio to your Existing Home Entertainment System

Sirius Satelite Radio ›› With Sirius Satellite Radio Enjoy Over 120 channels of CD-Quality Radio for Your Home, Car, or Boat

Sirius Satelite Radio: Connect Sirius Satelite Radio to your Existing Home Entertainment System

Sirius not only has the best programming and the best value, the selection of Sirius radios is also beyond compare; here are just a few of the excellent Sirius Satelite Radio products: We think that when you compare Sirius Satelite Radio to XM Satelite Radio, then Sirius has far more stylish satellite radios, although your choice of satellite radio provider should probably depend on more than just good looks!

When it comes to providing satellite radio to you, Sirius knows that the surest way to do it, better than anyone else, is by working with the finest audio companies in the world to design and build amazing products so you get a great selection.

Online, at the Sirius website you can browse all of the latest and greatest Sirius products. There are lots of ways to listen to Sirius radio, the choice is yours. You'll find a big selection at the Sirius website, from Sirius Plug and Play devices to Home Units and Head Units. You can also modify an existing radio to listen to Sirius by purchasing an FM Modulator - an FM Modulated system allows you to listen to Sirius without getting a new radio.

Sirius Satelite Radio • Sirius Satelite Radio for your Automobile

Amongst all the other very cool Sirius Satelite Radio devices, we're compelled to mention the sleek Sirius home units, which allow you to complete your home entertainment system with the addition of Sirius.

Audiovox Home Receiver - A component styled receiver that integrates with existing audio equipment. Includes six line display, memory and time features, digital and analog audio outputs, remote control and antenna.
Antex Multizone Home SRX-3 - Multi-Zone Receiver that provides separate audio streams and control to three locations in the home or business.
Kenwood Home, DT-7000S - Sirius Home Unit, connects directly to home entertainment systems.

All of the Sirius products truly are exceptionally well designed, and also exceptionally easy to use. A Sirius satellite radio definitely adds a touch of class to any home or car.

Sirius Satelite Radio: Connect Sirius Satelite Radio to your Existing Home Entertainment System

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