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Sirius Satelite Radio • The Best Satelite Radio Experience in the Universe

Sirius Satelite Radio ›› With Sirius Satellite Radio Enjoy Over 120 channels of CD-Quality Radio for Your Home, Car, or Boat

Sirius Satelite Radio • The Best Satelite Radio Experience in the Universe

Sirius Satelite Radio has plans and prices to suit everyone. Choose the Sirius subscription plan that's just right for you. All of the Sirius subscriptions come with all that Sirius has to offer - every program, every personality, and every single channel.

You can sign up with Sirius Satelite Radio a month at a time, a year - or even two years at a time - or, if you're willing to spend just a few dollars more, sign up with Sirius for the lifetime of your radio, and forget about paying any other bills at all. Sirius Radio subscribers can save even more when they activate additional radios, because extra Sirius subscriptions come with superb discounts. Wherever you are, whatever plan you want, Sirius has you covered!

It's good to compare both Sirius Satelite Radio and XM Satelite Radio, although both Sirius Satelite Radio and XM Satellite Radio offer a wide range of channels, including music (100% commercial free), talk-radio, sports and several other specialist channels (ie. music by decade for example). One of the many feathers in the Sirius cap is in aquiring Howard Stern, shock-jock, for its line-up, but there are plenty of other big-names too. Sirius Satelite Radio also features ABC News and Talk, A&E, BBC World Service, Bloomberg, CNBC, Court TV Plus, C-Span, CNN Headline News, Discovery Channel, E! Entertainment, ESPN, Fox News, Hispanic Talk, Radio Disney, Sirius Trucking Network, The Weather Channel, and lots more.

The Sirius sports line-up also looks tempting, with the NBA, the NHL, and live play-by-play coverage of each and every NFL game.

Sirius Satelite Radio Subscription ›› Sign-up Online With Sirius Satelite Radio

Sirius Satelite Radio is more than 120 channels of 100% commercial-free music, world-class sports, news, talk and information. Sirius delivers content and quality that AM/FM radio just doesn't have, and can't offer, from original programming to seeing the artist and song that is playing on the display feature. Sirius Satelite Radio is the hottest thing to happen to radio since Marconi.

Listen to Sirius Radio wherever you are - from your desktop, from your car, in the garden or at the football match … anywhere at all. The Sirius radios are really great, and the radio display gives you more information about what's currently being broadcast than you'll find almost anywhere - artist, track title, etc, etc. Sirius Satelite Radio is Satelite Radio at it's best. XM Satellite Radio is the main competitor (or rather, the only competitor) to Sirius Radio but, in our opinion, Sirius wins on every front - from the programming to the show hosts, from the exceptional value to the actual satellite radios themselves. If you're thinking of choosing a satellite radio service then look no further, Sirius Satelite Radio is it!

Sirius Satelite Radio • The Best Satelite Radio Experience in the Universe

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